Value-Added Services

Value-Added Services

Valmont Tubing produces one of the broadest ranges of steel mechanical tubing in the industry.  Add to that our superior customer service before and after the sale, and it's easy to see why Valmont Tubing is the first choice for welded steel tubing for so many manufacturers and other businesses.

Producing the tubing, however, is only part of the story. Valmont Tubing offers additional services to ensure consistent quality and repeatability for your business needs. Our Value-Added Services can save your company time, money, and energy.  In addition to those shown below, Valmont Tubing also can offer hole drilling, bending, painting, hot dip galvanizing and specialized fabrication.  Please inquire about our abilities at the time of inquiry.


If required, Valmont Tubing has a full array of saws available to provide you with cut-to-length tubing that is ready to be used in your product.  From small OD tubing to large OD tubing, from normal tolerances to tight tolerances, Valmont will provide you with tubing that fits your production needs.


Whether you are ordering steel tubing in long lengths or in short lengths, Valmont Tubing takes care so that your order arrives in the best possible condition free of damage and in the most convenient and usaeble configuration for use in your business.  Below are just some of the packaging solutions we offer:

  • Hex & Square Bundles
  • 2 x 4 Wood Collars on Bundles
  • End Caps
  • Cardboard Wrapped
  • Boxed and Palletized
  • Shrink Wrapped
  • Reuseable Containers


At Valmont Tubing, our Engineers are an integral part of our team approach of ensuring that the tubing we provide you has the right form, function and fit for your needs.  Providing technical support from initial inquiry and special projects to designing & building special tooling and equipment to meet your tolerances and needs, our engineers are actively involved with your engineers to assist in new product development.