5 Inch Square ERW Steel Tubing

5.00 Inch Square Steel Tubing


Valmont's 5.00 inch square ERW (electric resistance welded) steel tubing is produced to ASTM specifications A500 and A847 and is produced in a variety of different chemistries and finishes.  Produced in hot rolled (HR), pickled and oiled (P&O), cold rolled (CR), aluminized (AL), pre-galvanized (GAL), and hot dip galvanized (HDG)  finishes, we offer our 5" square (127 x 127 mm) structural tubing in a variety of chemistries.  Our chemistry offerings include 1006, 1008, 1010, 1015, 1020, 1021, and 1026 carbon steel plus specialty chemistries such as weathering steel, high strength low alloy (HSLA) and aluminum killed drawn quality (AKDQ).  Valmont also offers select value added capabilities such as cutting, hole drilling and special fabrication if requested.  

Call one of our knowledgeable sales team members at 1-800-825-6668 or click here so that we can answer any questions you may have and provide you with pricing and lead time information.  For additional information on other sizes that we produce in round, square, rectangle and special shaped tubing, please visit our Steel Tubing Product Catalog and our HSS SuperStruct Product Catalog for information about our extra large square, rectangle and custom shaped HSS tube sections up to 60".

Please reference the following chart that shows the weight per foot information for all of the gauges or wall thicknesses that we produce for 5x5 inch square tubing.
Welded Tubing Weight Per Foot Chart
GAUGE 16 15 14 13 12 11 1/8   10 5/32   8  7  3/16
  .065 .075 .083 .095 .109 .120  .125  .134  .148  .156  .165 .180  .188
5 x 5 4.164  4.797  5.308  6.066  6.948  7.636  7.955  8.527  9.402  9.894  10.447  11.340  11.824