4130 ERW Steel Tubing

4130 ERW Steel Tubing

Valmont Tubing produces electric resistance welded (ERW) mechanical steel tubing to meet the SAE 4130 steel grade requirements.  Known for its excellent strength to weight ratio, 4130 steel achieves high strength levels without increasing the carbon content and wall thicknesses by the addition of alloying elements Chromium and Molybdenum to its properties.  Our ability to produce 4130 electric resistance welded tubing provides our customers with precision tolerances, superior weld quality along with cost & weight savings over other steel grade types and other types of tubing.

Chemical Properties

Mechanical Properties

The expected content percentages of chemical properties in 4130 steel are listed below:
Element Heat Analysis 
Carbon 0.28 - 0.33  
Manganese  0.40 - 0.60 
Phosphorous  0.30 max 
Silicon  0.15 - 0.35
Chromium  0.80 - 1.10 
Molybdenum  0.15 - 0.25
Sulfur  0.40 max 
The expected mechanical properties for 4130 steel include:

Test Properties 
Yield   65,000 - 80,000 psi 
Tensile  80,000 - 90,000 psi 
Elongation  10 - 20% 
Rockwell Hardness B  95 min

4130 Notes

  • 4130 steel is sometimes be referred to as chromoly due to the existence of chromium and molybdenum alloying elements.
  • End uses of SAE 4130 tubing includes structural, automotive, oil drilling and abrasion resistant applications.  Depending upon the application, post weld heat treatment may be required.

Please contact Valmont Tubing with your specific application using 4130 grade steel tubing.  Our sales and engineering team will work with you to match up our capabilities with your requirements.