ASTM A795 Tubing

A795 Type E Grade A

Valmont Tubing will begin production of round electric resistance welded (ERW) hot rolled black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe to meet ASTM specification A795 Type E Grade A schedule 10 in the first quarter of 2016.  Produced in nominal pipe sizes (NPS) beginning at 4" (4.50" OD) through 8" (8.625" OD), Valmont's A795 pipe will be produced for light-weight fire sprinkler pipe applications.  To view additional information about Valmont's new fire sprinkler pipe product line, please click here.  To view a complete list of sizes produced by Valmont, please visit our Steel Tubing Product Catalog

Size & Wall ​Dimensions

Below are the light-weight fire protection pipe schedule 10 sizes that Valmont will produce that meet ASTM A795. 

NPS OD Nom Wall 
4" 4.50"  .120"
5" 5.563"  .134"
6" 6.625"  .134"
8"  8.625"  .188"

Chemical Requirements

Chemical requirements for A795 Type E electric resistance welded pipe Grade A are as follows.  
Feature ​Composition
Carbon % 0.25 max
Manganese % 0.95 max 
Phosphorous %  0.035 max 
Sulfur %  0.035 max 

Specification Notes

  • Chemical properties, flattening test, and hydrostatic testing or eddy current testing (NH) is required to meet ASTM A795 Type E Grade A.  As a standard, Valmont will produce fire sprinkler pipe using the eddy current testing (NH) alternative to hydro testing. 
  • If testing requirements differ from the A795 Grade A requirements listed above, please note at time of inquiry and order placement.
  • Ends of the pipe shall be furnished as plain end unless otherwise specified (i.e. roll grooved end) by the customer at the time of inquiry and order placement. 
  • Valmont does not produce pipe to meet A795 schedule 30 or schedule 40 wall thicknesses. 
  • For more detailed information on the A795 specification and to purchase a copy of it, please visit the ASTM website.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff members who will assist you with any further questions regarding this specification or with your specific tubing requirements.