HSS SuperStruct Solutions

HSS SuperStruct Solutions

For years, architects, engineers, fabricators and contractors have looked for better structural options than wide flange W shapes, I-beams and other structural shapes for the design and construction of buildings, pedestrian bridges, stadiums and industrial applications. Valmont’s HSS SuperStruct tube sections provide that and more! The extra large, jumbo hollow structural section sizes available in our HSS SuperStruct product line will provide your project with outstanding axis strength, weight savings, ease of fabrication and aesthetics. HSS SuperStruct tube sections are built to fit for your unusual and unique design needs.

Extra Large Sizes

The size range for HSS SuperStruct starts where other structural providers end. From square sizes starting at 12.00” up through 60” and rectangle sizes up to 60” x 59”, HSS SuperStruct provides maximum flexibility for architects and design engineers for their end use applications. With fractional increments also available, there are literally thousands of different size and wall thickness combinations available in our size range!


High strength HSS SuperStruct custom tube sections are produced to ASTM A1065 and provide high strength to weight ratios as opposed to other structural shapes. The bending strength, efficient eccentric and torsional resistance of our tubes provide excellent design characteristics that are required for construction projects. HSS SuperStruct tubes are produced to ASTM A572 Grade 50, Grade 65, Grade 70  and ASTM A588 specifications.

Weight Savings

According to research from the Steel Tube Institute (STI), HSS square tubing weighs 52% less than wide flange structural shapes while providing more load support. Weight savings mean lower transportation costs as you are able to add more on a truck and have less overweight permits, lower handling costs and lower erection costs due to the heavier cranes required for other structural shapes .

Ease Of Fabrication

The straight sides of the HSS SuperStruct tube sections provide smooth even surfaces for additional fabrication to be done to the them. From welding flanges, bracket and ladders to the sides to curving of the whole tube itself, fabricators love the consistency that the square and rectangle tube sections provide. In addition, if the tube sections are painted or galvanized, lower costs are incurred due to the ease of handling due to the weight savings.  HSS SuperStruct also offers an array of value-added services that will save you time, money and handling costs.  Please inquire with your value-added needs at time of quotation.


HSS SuperStruct tube sections provide superior aesthetic advantages than other structural shapes. When structural sections are exposed to the public, architects prefer the consistent appearance that HSS tube sections provide over other shapes. With the ability to produce orders as small as one piece up to orders as large as hundreds of pieces, more and more architects, engineers, fabricators and contractors are discovering that HSS SuperStruct is the right fit for their particular HSS needs.

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