ASTM A1065 Tubing

A1065 Type 1 HSS Tubing

Valmont Tubing produces jumbo square, rectangle and custom shaped high strength low alloy (HSLA) cold formed electric-fusion arc welded steel tubing to meet ASTM specification A1065 Type 1.  Our HSS SuperStruct custom tubes are used in various structural, architectural and industrial applications and provide unique solutions for architects and engineers as compared to other options they consider.  For a listing of the size range of HSS SuperStruct tubes produced, please visit our HSS SuperStruct Product Catalog.  Incremental sizes are also available that are not shown in the catalog.

Strength Requirements

Important Tolerances

Test  Grade 50 Grade 50W
Yield Strength (psi)  50,000 min  50,000 min 
Tensile Strength (psi)  60,000 min  70,000 min 
Elongation %  21 min  21 min 
Steel grades 50 and 50W (enhanced atmospheric corrosion resistance) are the standard grades covered under this specification.  Please inquire with specific strength requirements that are different than the values listed above.
Dimension Tolerance 
Outside Diameter  See table 3 of specification 
Wall Thickness  +.03" / - .01" 
Length  + 6" / - 0" 
Straightness  .125" x feet divided by 5 
Squareness Of Sides  +/- 2 degrees max 
Radius Of Corners  3T or greater 
Twist  .125" per 3 feet 

Specification Notes

  • Under ASTM A1065 Type 1, tubes are produced by press braking two identical sheets of steel into identical C channels.  Backing bars are then tack welded to each channel before they are fitted together and welded using the submerged arc welded (SAW) process.
  • The standard weld is an 80% weld penetration (PJP - partial joint penetration). For 100% weld penetration (CJP - complete weld penetration), an outside agency shall perform a weld inspection such as UT (ultrasonic testing).
  • Welding is in accordance with AWS D1.1, latest edition.
  • Sizes that are not listed in tables 4 and 5 of the specification may be ordered provided that all other specifications are met.
  • If strength requirements exceed A572 Grade 50 and 50W, dimensional tolerances will be subject to review.
  • To look up the dimensional properties, including the moment of inertia, elastic section modulus,  torsional stiffness and shear constant for the main A1065 sizes that Valmont produces, please click here for squares and here for rectangles.
  • For more detailed information on the A1065 specification and to purchase a copy of it, please visit the ASTM website.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff members who will assist you with any further questions regarding this specification or with your specific tubing requirements.