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    SuperStruct Bridge

    Valmont's unique capabilities offer Architects and Structural Engineers tremendous flexibility in design and construction of stadiums, buildings, sign supports and a variety of architectural structures. View our on-line product catalog showing the size range of HSS squares, rectangles and custom shapes we can produce. No other major North American manufacturer offers anything like HSS SuperStruct.    Learn More

  • End Uses & Applications

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    From pedestrian bridges, sign structures, building and stadium construction and other architectural end uses to industrial applications, HSS SuperStruct custom tube sections are built to fit your needs.  View some of the end uses that HSS SuperStruct custom tubes go into by clicking here

  • Built To Fit

    SuperStruct tunnel

    HSS SuperStruct custom tubes are BUILT TO FIT into your architectural and construction projects.  Find out how HSS SuperStruct provides the solutions you need! 

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HSS SuperStruct Catalog

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