Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizes

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizes

Valmont Tubing is now producing its new line of 4" through 8" schedule 10 fire sprinkler pipe to the North American fire protection market following the completion of our certification process with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM).    

Produced to ASTM A135 and ASTM A795 specifications and eddy current tested, the following fire sprinkler pipe sizes are offered in lacquer, galvanized or bare finishes along with the option of plain or roll grooved ends.  Through our previous 30 year partnership with another fire protection pipe manufacturer, Valmont has been providing premium large sprinkler pipe to the market that we now are able to offer direct.  Please reference the following chart showing the dimensional and weight information for our fire sprinkler pipe sizes. 

 Valmont Fire Sprinkler Pipe Schedule 10 Specifications
NPS Nom OD  Nom ID  Nom Wall  Nom Weight  H2O Filled Weight  CRR 
inch  inch mm  inch  mm  inch  mm  lbs/ft  kg/m  lbs/ft  kg/m  ratio 
4 4.500  114.3  4.260  108.2  0.120  3.05  5.62  8.3  11.78  17.53  1.8120
5.563  141.3  5.295  134.5  0.134  3.40  7.78  11.58  17.33  25.80   1.6628
6.625  168.3  6.357  161.5  0.134  3.40  9.3  13.8  23.03  34.27   1.2023
8.625  219  8.249  209.5  0.188  4.78  16.96  25.2  40.15  59.75   1.8754

Valmont Advantages

  • All pipe is manufactured in the USA.
  • 6" and 8" sizes are produced every two weeks allowing for flexibility in ordering
  • Customized lengths are available to eliminate excessive drop at the job site.
  • Shipments in truckload, mixed truckloads and consolidations will be available.

Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff members who will assist you with any further questions you may have regarding our fire sprinkler pipe and the timing of our entrance into this market.