Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizes

Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizes

We're Great at Making Pipe And Adding Flexibility To Your Pipeline!

Valmont Tubing can deliver the large diameter fire sprinkler pipe you need, the way you want it:

  • Less Than Truckload Ordering - Order only what you need.
  • More Frequent Manufacturing Cycles - Get your pipe on your schedule.
  • Central Location - Receive your pipe quickly and easily from our Valley, NE location.
  • Standard or Custom Lengths - Order in standard 21' and 24' lengths, or choose your custom length
  • Tested and Trusted - Get pipe manufactured to ASTM A135 and ASTM A795 specifications that meets UL and FM requirements.
  • Variety of Types - Choose plain end and grooved pipe with black lacquer coating in addition to plain end hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Made in the USA - So you know it was made right the first time.

After 30 years of producing premium fire sprinkler pipe for another manufacturer, Valmont Tubing is now ready to produce pipe for you. The table below provides the dimension and weight specifications for our fire sprinkler pipe sizes.

 Valmont Fire Sprinkler Pipe Schedule 10 Specifications
NPS Nom OD  Nom ID  Nom Wall  Nom Weight  H2O Filled Weight  CRR 
inch  inch mm  inch  mm  inch  mm  lbs/ft  kg/m  lbs/ft  kg/m  ratio 
4.500  114.3  4.260  108.2  0.120  3.05  5.62  8.3  11.78  17.53  1.8120
5.563  141.3  5.295  134.5  0.134  3.40  7.78  11.58  17.33  25.80   1.6628
6.625  168.3  6.357  161.5  0.134  3.40  9.3  13.8  23.03  34.27   1.2023
8.625  219  8.249  209.5  0.188  4.78  16.96  25.2  40.15  59.75   1.8754

At Valmont Tubing, we understand that the trust that comes with every inch of fire sprinkler pipe starts with the professionals who produce it.  When you choose Valmont Tubing, you can be assured that your pipe is backed by the over 70 year legacy and global experience of Valmont Industries, Inc.

Learn more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us pages, or by calling (800) 825-6668 ext. 6911.  To obtain a copy of our submittal data sheet, please visit our Submittal Sheet page.